MRC is committed to delivering the highest-quality thermoplastic polymers.

This means that every pound of material we ship passes rigorous A2LA Accredited and UL approved laboratory tests to ensure that it meets exact specifications. Testing is done 24 hours a day. Highly trained polymer chemists and technicians monitor every lot produced, testing for strict conformity to product specifications.

On the factory floor, every employee participates in quality assurance procedures and all department performance is continuously measured through MRC's Quality Management System (QMS) process.

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MRC's proprietary processes enable us to convert landfill-ready plastics to their purest form without the use of chemicals. We are committed to delivering consistent high-quality, thermoplastic resin products. Every step of our processes is rigidly monitored to meet our uncompromising quality standards.

MRC unceasingly seeks and develops sustainable technology solutions for material processing challenges to improve quality, increase yields, and reduce costs.