MRC Polymers reclaims resins from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic scrap and manufactures engineering-grade and commodity thermoplastic compounds.

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List of MRC Automotive Approvals for PC

PC (Polycarbonate): Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic characterized by high-impact strength, light weight, heat resistance, and flexibility. It is a versatile, tough plastic used due to its strength and its lightweight. Polycarbonates can easily be molded and are used in a wide variety of applications. Common uses in electronic components, construction material, data storage e.g. dvds, water bottles, construction of airplanes and cars.

Trade Name Material Type Product MFR IZOD Tensile Filler Description Color
Naxell Polycarbonate (PC) PC100H-100 White 20 4.0 8,000 Unfilled White, Impact Modified, Vacuum Metalizable White
Naxell Polycarbonate (PC) PC100H-200 Black 20 4.0 8,000 Unfilled Black, Impact Modified, Vacuum Metalizable Black
Naxell Polycarbonate (PC) PC210HR-206 25 11.0 8,500 Unfilled High Flow PC with release Black
Naxell Polycarbonate (PC) PC210MR-235 17 11.0 8,400 Unfilled Medium Flow PC with release Black
Naxell Polycarbonate (PC) PC23MS-200 24 6.0 8,000 Unfilled Impact Modified PC Black
Naxell Polycarbonate (PC) PC23M-10G-200 33 2.5 10,000 10% Glass 10% Glass Filled, High Flow PC Black
Naxell Polycarbonate (PC) PC429HHI-200 23 12.0 8,000 Unfilled Impact Modified Black

MRC PC is available in a variety of formulations, including:

Impact Modified

Glass Filled

High Flow


Custom Tints

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