MRC Polymers reclaims resins from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic scrap and manufactures engineering-grade and commodity thermoplastic compounds.

MRC currently offers over 120 resin products for manufacturing applications, as well as, a complete range of Toll Services and Recycling Solutions.

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PC/PBT is a blend of Polycarbonate and Polybutylene Terephthalate.

PC/PBT-This alloy provides the best attributes from both polymers and combines them, forming a polymer blend with excellent toughness, chemical resistance and heat resistance. Unfilled PC/PBT will have great impact properties, chemical resistance, MFR with excellent paintability. With these unique combination of properties, PC/PBT blends are able to be used in many different applications including automotive, lawn & garden, power tools, electrical and other markets. In addition to these excellent properties, introducing fillers in PC/PBT impart flexural stiffness and dimensional stability to this polymer for use in automotive applications such as spoilers, grills, door handles, trunk lids and mirror housings. The addition of UV stabilizers to the blend enables use in unpainted exterior applications such as air-conditioning and other outdoor consumer housings.

Trade Name Material Type Product MFR IZOD Tensile Filler Description Color
Naxaloy PC/PBT 780GF11UV-BK848 18 2.2 11,300 11% Glass 11% Glass Filled, UV Stable Black
Naxaloy PC/PBT 780-BK200 20 10.0 9,000 Unfilled General Purpose, Black Black
Naxaloy PC/PBT 780-NT100 20 10.0 9,000 Unfilled General Purpose, Colorable Natural

Our PC/PBT is a direct replacement for:

Naxaloy:Naxaloy 780: Sabic: Xenoy 5220; Covestro: Makroblend M525, Makroblend UT5205

Naxaloy:Naxaloy 780GF11UV: Lucent GPCB-110; Omni Plastics-OmniCarb GR10; Kingfa Lonoy 3010