Our continuous investment in product and process development and our manufacturing flexibility keeps us ahead of our competitors and enables our customers to continually improve the products they produce.

Recent examples of innovative solutions include:

     •  Large lot production of up to 200,000 pounds.

     •  Advanced extrusion screw design.

     •  Polycarbonate alloys including PC/ABS for cold temperature ductility.

     •  Advanced material handling systems for efficient production

Car Bumper Recycling

Automobile bumper recycling has been plagued by the inability to efficiently remove paint and other contaminants. MRC Polymer's proprietary washing technology is able to accomplish this without using any chemicals or degrading solutions. It does not emit any toxins into the air nor does it degrade the physical properties or composition of the plastic. MRC custom compounds the washed material with a proprietary additive package. The high quality final product meets tough standards required by the North American Auto Industry and directly competes with virgin resin manufactures.

Non-halogenated Flame-retardant
PC/ABS Product

Naxaloy 770NHRF is an engineering grade PC/ABS alloy with 50% verifiable recycle content that is ideal for use in housing, other electrical and lighting components, telecommunications, business machines and more. It has a non-halogenated, flame-retardant V-0 rating and is UL approved. MRC's virgin-equivalent Naxaloy product helps OEM's achieve a higher rating related to the U.S. Government's Electronic Product Environmental.

Assessment Tool (EPEAT) for evaluating the sustainability of specified electronics. Using this new MRC product can help add valuable EPEAT points. The new Naxaloy 770NHRF maintains the properties of a typical flame-retardant PC/ABS product, including good rigidity, hardness, dimensional stability, impact strength and creep resistance. It retains its V-0 rating when molded into parts of 1.6mm (1/16-in.) and 3.2mm (1/8-in.) thicknesses. The resin pellets are available in all colors.

EmarexTM 300 Series Nylon 6

MRC Polymers won a 12-resin bid to supply material for this application. The customer chose EmarexTM 300 Nylon 6 based on the following criteria:

Aesthetics: EmarexTM 300 provides a deep, rich appearance and consistent coloring required by a visible application

Mechanical Properties: EmarexTM 300 meets the application's demanding specifications for strength, durability, and ultra violet stabilization

Value: EmarexTM 300 provides the customer with substantial cost savings over the incumbent resin for the application without compromising quality or performance