Closed Loop recycling is the process of taking industrial scrap or waste and turning it back into its original state for re-manufacturing. Since 1980, MRC Polymers has developed state of the art technology for upgrading landfill bound scrap into high quality engineered plastics for re-manufacturing. MRC is able to recover the total value from your material while keeping our natural resources here in the USA.

Increase product sustainability and reduce costs with industrial scrap recycling and closed-loop solutions.

MRC knows that every situation is unique and we are committed to solving your one-of-a-kind needs. Each challenge excites our professional team to scope out a complex situation and deliver the most appropriate engineering solution. In meeting the specific needs of our industrial partners, we have built offsite processes, expanded our facilities, and reached new heights in state-of-the-art processing.

MRC thinks outside the box and delivers creative closed loop recycling solutions that break industry barriers.

Closed loop Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling Case Study:

Recycling automotive bumpers back into bumpers

Automobile bumper recycling was previously plagued by the inability to efficiently remove paint and other contaminants, therefore forcing plastic scrap into low end applications. MRC Polymer's proprietary washing technology is able to accomplish this without using any chemicals or degrading solutions. MRC custom compounds the washed material into a high quality final product that meets tough standards required by the North American Auto Industry and directly competes with virgin resin manufactures.